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MB Verslo sprendimų profesionalai (Business Solutions Professionals) is the company uniting professional consultants in accounting, commercial law and taxation.

We are the team of customer-dedicated, loyal and meticulous professionals dealing with integrated financial solutions.

Integrated financial (accounting) management allows a company’s manager or shareholder to plan the company’s activities efficiently and rationally, and to achieve the positive performance results. MB Verslo sprendimų profesionalai is the team of professionals able to offer systematized company accounting processes that integrate primary accounting, complete documentation (nomenclature) management, maximum digitization of accounting processes and professional financial (accounting) analysis.

  • We are the innovative and dynamic team of professionals engaged in development and support of accounting, law and financial strategies;
  • We apply effective methods of remote data processing;
  • If necessary, we provide a client with the opportunity to use our accounting software (we work with AGNUM, RIVILE, FINVALDA and B1 accounting software);
  • Our team of professionals responds to client‘s needs and inquiries in a qualified, fast and competent manner;
  • Our highly-competent professionals consult a client at a time convenient and in a form convenient for a client;
  • We are a company guided by the principle – our high-quality work is the success of a client’s business;
  • The price of our services is related to the work directly performed by the employees of our company – a client pays only for the specific work performed by us;
  • If your priority is responsible, safe and stable provision of accounting services, we can offer it – we have covered the liability of our company with civil liability insurance.
  • If you are looking for partners in the field of accounting who can provide professional, accurate and qualified advice, do choose Us;

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