Limited Liability Company (LLC)


The needed information:

  • the founders (shareholders) data: name, surname, personal identification number, address of the declared place of residence. If the founder is a legal person – name of company, company code, Office address, Director’s name, surname, personal code, the Articles of association, registration certificate (statement). When the founder is a foreign legal person – confirming that the founder is registered in the register of legal persons of a foreign State;
  • the Director’s name, surname, personal identification number, address of the declared place of residence;
  • company name
  • companie’s home address in goals (if premises are owned by a individual person, the Agreement must be certified by a notary; if the premises owner is a legal person, the Agreement must be signed by the legal entity Manager and certified seal of a legal person; if the premises are pledged to the Bank’ s consent is required);
  • information on what percentage of shares will be managed;
  • estimated amount of the authorised capital company (minimum LTD authorised capital – €2500);
  • contacts (phone number, e-mail address).

We ‘ll do the following:

  • we ‘ll check your name in the register of legal entities, as well as the trademark electronic databases;
  • we will take your name selected in compliance with the norms of the Lithuanian language;
  • we ‘ll add your name to the register of legal persons;
  • prepare the founding documents (founding Agreement or a contract of founding, Statute, statutory meeting Decision/Protocol);
  • we ‘ll open up a Bank account management company;
  • We provide an authorized capital;
  • we ‘ll give the registration address to Your company;
  • we will registrate the company to the register of legal persons;
  • make a stamp

Company formation is  within 3 work days.

Company establishing price – €300.

Additional services:

  1. The LTD You can establish themselves and by yourself: we buy ready made and filled in the instruments of incorporation and the legal entities register the package in JAR form – for 60 €. Within 1 working day from the invoice payment we will email you already prepared the package of documents, as well as detailed instructions regarding the creation of THE LTD.
  2. The founding documents (Articles of incorporation/contract, the Decision of the founder/association ‘s initiative meeting Protocol) – 60 €.
  3. When you setting up enterprises, LTD authorised capital (€2500), we will take care of – from 250 €.
  4. Head of recruitment – 30 €.
  5. Registration in the taxpayer register – 30 €.
  6. Registration in the register of the VAT payers – 150 €.
  7. Stamp production – 20 €.
  8. Registration address in Vilnius and Šiauliai for 12 months – 100 €.

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