Branch and Representative Office


Establishment of branches and representative offices with the necessary documents and information:

  • founders (legal person): registration certificate/statement/regulations, statutes, the Manager and the Board (if the Board is formed), the appointment of the members of the legal entity of the names, surnames and personal numbers. If the founder is a foreign legal person must submit the following particulars and documents: an extract from the register of foreign legal persons, approved and marked in accordance with the procedure laid down in the statutes of the Apostille “/regulations, approved
  • the name of the branch;
  • the registered Office of the branch being established: if the premises owner is a natural person, the Agreement must be certified by a notary; if the premises owner is a legal person, the consent of a legal person shall be signed and approved by the seal of a legal person; if necessary, the consent of the Bank, the Bank);
  • Manager of the branch and/or of members of the Board of data: name, surname, personal number, place of residence declared;
  • the commercial – economic activity of the branch.

Branch establishment  – from €500 (price includes: our services, notarial and registration in the register of legal persons charges).

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