Sole Proprietorship (SP)


Individual enterprise (sole proprietorship) (IĮ) establishment (with  MB “Verslo sprendimų profesionalai“ – the fast and smooth  path to personal success).

Required data:

  • THE owner ‘s data (name, surname, personal identification number, address of the declared place of residence);
  • data Manager (if the Manager is not the owner of the company);
  • THE name;
  • home address (required notarised consent of the owner of the premises. Where the rooms housing the Bank pledged – Bank consent);
  • information on what economic – commercial activities of the company.

 We ‘ll do the following:

  • we ‘ll check your name in the register of legal entities, as well as the trademark electronic databases;
  • we will take your name selected in compliance with the norms of the Lithuanian language;
  • we ‘ll add your name to the register of legal persons;
  • prepare the founding documents (the founding Treaty or founding act, the regulations, the statutory meeting in accordance with the Decision/Protocol);
  • we ‘ll give the address of THE registration;
  • we ‘ll register setting TO THE register of legal persons;
  • can we make up THE brand.

THE establishment (establishing an individual enterprise) – 5-7 working days.

THE cost of establishing – €250 (price includes: our services, notarial and registration in the register of legal persons charges).

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